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「龙腾网」 你有孩子吗?为什么有或者为什么没有呢


Do you have kids? Why or why not?


Evan Poole
“Do you have kids?”
“why not?”
I don’t like or need/want children (either having them naturally, legally adopting, or being a designated “stepdad”) in any way, shape, or form, is because….
I don’t want to deal with shitty/pissy diaper.
I like peace and quiet. I cannot stand ear piercing screaming and crying.
My money goes to the things that I need and want, and not to somebody else’s needs and wants. Children cost too fucking much!!!!!!
I walk very fast (and sometimes jog or run when I need to) because I like to get to where I need or want to go ASAP. So that means I wouldn’t be able to do that if I have to hold somebody by the hand and drag them behind me, and have to wait for them to keep up.

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I like to sleep.
I don’t want to be bothered with trying to find a babysitter for when I want some me time.
I don’t want to have to be bothered about which school they have to go to.
I don’t want to have to be bothered about taking them to the doctor either for emergencies or simple check-ups.
I do not want to have to deal with him/her/them when they are smart-mouthed ass teenagers.
I have no patience for certain adults and some stupid ass things that they do, much, much, MUCH less for children.
I don’t want to hear constant non-stop chattering.
I don’t want to deal with child support payments .

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If I ever suffer from a severe mental or physical illness, I do not want to be thrown into a nursing home. I’d rather die in my own home.
I absolutely, positively, and definitively have, under any circumstances, NO moral obligation to have children to anybody, not even my family, not to society, not even to my wife or to her family (yes, I told her from the get-go right when we started dating that I don’t like or want children).
Speaking of my wife, I do not want to make her go through 9 months of carrying a literal blood-sucking, nutrient consuming, embryonic parasite(s) that’s going to cause her unimaginable extreme pain during childbirth that could potentially kill her.
To me, there’s nothing special about having children, except for the fact that, from an evolutionary perspective, they keep the human species going. But then again, that’s exactly the case with every other species past, present, and future. Also, there’s 7.7 billion (and counting) hairless, bipedal apes on this planet already. I’m pretty sure Homo sapiens is not on the endangered species list, not yet at least. Even if that were the case, I still would not contribute to the human population.
Lastly (and this is ONLY MY OPINION not to be imposed on any parents out there), I see having and raising children as a waste of space, time, energy, money, and resources.

McKayla Kennedy
Nope, no kids.
Why? I’m currently 25, I don’t have a partner or any interest in finding one, I have a large amount of debt and no house of my own, and I’m really in no rush.
I wouldn’t say I’m against giving birth to biological children. Pregnancy and delivery are going to suck regardless, but I’m told the presence of the baby makes it worth it. That’s not a dream of mine now— if someday it is, that’s a problem for future McKayla to deal with, the poor woman. Adoption and fostering are wonderful and I know many families, including my own, who have been blessed by it.
I don’t dislike children as a whole, either; they’re honestly pretty neat. All my friends’ kids are awesome and adorable and I love them. I’ve spent enough time with other people’s children (volunteering, nannying, and teaching) over the last decade or more of my life to be fairly aware of what’s involved in child-raising. Crying and poop and vomit don’t scare me.
All the child development classes I’ve taken have made me fascinated with how children interact with the world, and it’s so amazing to watch them make new discoveries and reach new stages. Coming up with new ways to enrich and entertain little munchkins is fun and fulfilling work to me.
Bottom line, I enjoy getting to meet kids, nurturing them, and watching them grow up. I just don’t need to them to be my own kids.

Santie Engelbrecht
Do you have any children?
I have 2 children, both girls, one is eight, and one is ten years old. Next week I will be getting a hysterectomy and of course that means it is the end of a season for me.
We could still adopt children if we wanted to. I also have spiritual children for whom I feel responsible. Dipuo who works for us feels like a daughter more than an employee.
Now that the operation is drawing closer, I am overwhelmed with gratitude over my loveliest children in the world, and my Mister Purrfect husbandy, and my awesome friends and family.

如果我们愿意的话,我们仍然可以收养孩子。我也有精神上的孩子,我觉得对他们有责任,那就是为我们工作的迪普(Dipuo ),与其说是员工,不如说是女儿。
Elysia Rhiannon
Yes! I have a 8 month old son ?? I have always wanted to be a mother ever since I was a little girl. I had a baby doll called Faith and she went everywhere and I mean everywhere with me! I would take her to the shops, sit her in the shopping trolley and want to push her. I’d buy her real baby clothes and pretend to feed her real food. She slept next to me in my bed and she had her own pram! I always knew from even a 5 year old that I wanted to be a parent one day. My dream became a reality and I am a proud mother to my beautiful Benji ?? I want to give my son a baby sister or brother when the time is right ?? Being a mother is a blessing. My body made this cute tiny little sassy human!


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